5 Sleep Tips for Holiday Travel

Nov 26, 2014 by

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We are so excited to announce a guest post today from Meagan Klipstein, local Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach from The Little Sleepy Head. If you or someone you know is traveling for the holidays with kiddos, take a close look at the advice below on how to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Rested kiddos are happy kiddos!


For many families the holidays would just not be the same with out traveling to visit family and friends. And no matter how hard you try to keep your child’s routine predictable and comforting there usually are some disruptions. But with a little planning you can do your best to minimize the challenges and to get them back on track as quickly as possible once you return home. Here are a few tips that will help to make your travels as restful as possible for your little ones:

• Before you head out on your trip try to already have a calming routine, a consistent bedtime and regular naps in place because as a general rule, the better a child sleeps at home, the better the odds are that he will sleep well when you travel. And even if your good sleeper does get a little thrown off schedule it will be easy to get them back on track without much effort once you return home. However, if you little one has just started sleeping through the night or if you have just started sleep coaching then I would consider postponing any travel for a few weeks and maybe this year you can host the holiday meal

• Try to recreate your child’s sleeping environment when away from home. Bringing your child’s crib sheet, blanket, pillow, favorite bedtime book, monitor and nightlight may make for a heavy suitcase but it will also help to create a comforting and familiar feel and smell for your child. And if nothing else definitely remember to pack your child’s lovey and their noise machine.

• If possible try having your child sleep in the one place throughout the entire vacation. Having a “base camp” for your child will help to create continuity and familiarity.

• Be respectful of your child’s need for sleep. It can be tempting to want your child to skip naps and delay bedtime in order to socialize with family and friends but everyone will enjoy their time together more if your child is not melting down from being overtired. So carve out some down time and respect their need for a consistent bedtime but keep in mind that a few car or stroller naps aren’t a big deal over the holidays because even those are better than no naps at all.

• If you are traveling across time zones, get your child up at their usual wake-up time (according to the local clock time) both when you start your vacation and when you get back home.

The goal is to enjoy your holiday while still trying to stick as closely to your child’s schedule as possible and to allow them the opportunity to sleep as much as they need. Once you are back home make returning to your normal routine and getting back into good habits your top priority.

I hope everyone has a happy, restful and stress free holiday!

Meagan Klipstein
Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach


5293547Meagan Klipstein is a Gentle Sleep Coach(SM) trained and certified by Kim West, a.k.a. The Sleep Lady®. She works with families of children 4 months – 6 years to help their little sleepyheads learn to be independent sleepers on the Monterey Peninsula and the surrounding areas. Find out more about how she can help you and your family by visiting www.thelittlesleepyhead.com.


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