Monterey Mommies is Back!

Feb 28, 2017 by

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2 year ago, we had a really great idea to start a website that aggregated all the family friendly events and activities in the Monterey Bay area in one place-a static reference point for anyone that was wondering ‘what’s going on this weekend?’. We had lists of guides that needed making, articles that needed to be written and pictures that needed to be taken.

We researched and wrote and photographed and posted.  We created Monterey Mommies and it was good.

Until we realized how much time it took to search over 170 local event calendars each week and call businesses to verify information and write really useful posts and get the information out to hundreds of families every day. While working full time. While raising a 2 year old.

So we took a break. And during that break, we realized how much we still really loved the idea of Monterey Mommies, and how important it is that this community have a hyper-local site that can be referenced at any time with articles and guides that matter most to you. And so-we’re back! And we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

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Over 1,000 events have been hand-entered into the Monterey Mommies event calendar, with more coming every day. We have several guides that are scheduled to be published in the next few weeks, making your preparations for summer camp this summer and the school year next year that much easier. And most of all, we’re ready to send out really great event reminders to you in real-time, so you know what’s available to your family and kiddos each day.

Are you ready to re-connect with Monterey Mommies? Sign-up for our e-mail list and get the Weekend Round-Up sent straight to your inbox every Thursday, preparing you for your weekend adventures. Like our Facebook page to get updates throughout the day, and remember to interact with the posts so you continue to see them in your feed (like, comment or share!). Follow us on Instagram or Twitter if those are your jam-we’ll be posting away!

And after you’ve connected with us, share us with your friends and neighbors-Monterey Mommies is stronger with every parent that joins our community. YOU have the power to add events to our calendar, to comment on our FB page with ideas, questions and comments, to refer new businesses to us for feature articles.

Here’s to a great new beginning!


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